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Vocabulary notebook + Enter word pv. idiom call off by the way book n.v. book high noun verb Image Translation Example Idiom livro I'm reading a great book at the moment. By the book A1 + Add field
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Vocabulary game (learning view) 0 SKIP What is this? phrasal verb fall _ _ _
Vocabulary game (teaching view) END 00:49 CHAMPION JOHN FINISHED 0 / 5 ROUND 2 YAN JOSÉ MARIA JOHN 10 20 20 18 18 17 30 Woman showing vocabulary game on mobile

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Businessman and young man reviewing vocabulary on mobile

Did you know?

With a vocabulary size of around 1000 words, you'll be able to recognise up to 75% of a general text.

With a vocabulary size of around 3000 words, you'll be able hold a conversation on a wide variety of topics.

Add another 2000 words and you'll understand about 95% of a general text, and be approaching an advanced level.

If starting from zero, that's 500 words per year for 10 years.

Luckily, the journey is a lot of fun. What are you waiting for?